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Name:Captain John Hart
John is a very, very humanoid non-human Time Agent from the 51st century, former partner (in every way) to Captain Jack Harkness until Jack defected and the Time Agency disbanded. He still has his vortex manipulator active and fully functional attached to a wrist strap, allowing him to still move through time and space as he needs.

He's been to multiple rehabs for drink, drugs, sex, and murder. Spend a day with him and you'll find out just how well that worked out. He's got an eye for valuables, no matter whether it's technological, emotional, or monetary worth, and doesn't mind cutting a few throats and setting up extremely elaborate schemes to get something he really wants. Similarly, he's a perfect example of the "if it's pretty, fuck it" sentiment, being that omnisexuality is not uncommon in the 51st century.

Despite his ability to present himself as a good man, albeit eccentric, John's is a brilliant con artist and is not to be trusted for any reason. It's wise to follow Jack's three rules for dealing with him:

1) Never trust anything he says
2) Always keep him in front of you
3) Never let him kiss you.

[mun and muse are both over 18]
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